AutoStar Auto Star - - - +45 40 31 20 30 Rysensteensgade 1, - DK-1564 Copenhagen V - Denmark The story of Jacques Saoutchik and his life spans eight decades, two world wars, a flight from Imperial Russia, incarceration, the birth of the automobile and its design, the Great Depression, the heyday of the Carrosserie D'Automobile Luxe in France and its subsequent annihilation – all set against a backdrop of glittering socialites, artists, demi-mondes and couturiers who populated the chic salons of Paris. It was an endless pursuit of elegance, a merry-go-round of the rich and famous – blatantly ignoring the facts of life – which in the end found itself obliterated when the music  stopped. A way of life that was trampled by the most fundamental political and social upheavals the world has ever seen, and is most truly gone with the wind. On top, Jacques Saoutchik lived a  personal life which for decades involved maintaining two completely separate families – each knowing of the existence of the other. And then there are the cars. The fabulous, extraordinary, extravagant, spectacular works of art that Jacques Saoutchik designed and manufactured. He was the greatest artist the coach building industry has ever seen. This book is a three volume homage to his life and art, with 1164 pages and 1933 images – many of which have never been seen before. Click here for information sheet. Click here for sample pages. Le Grand Prix du Plus Beau Livre de l’Annee, The Most Beautiful Book of the Year, was awarded to Jacques Saoutchik: Maître Carrossier by the Festival Automobile International on January 28, 2015 at Les Invalides in Paris. In association with EFG and Octane Magazine, the International Historic Motoring Award for  Publication of the Year was awarded to Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson, authors of Saoutchik, at an awards ceremony held November 20th, 2014 at London’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. J. Saoutchik Maître Carrossier was awarded the 2015 Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award by the Society of Automotive Historians. The Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award is presented each year for the book which best advances the understanding of the history of the automobile in the English language in the previous calendar year. Follow our Saoutchik page on Facebook: Classic car sales, automotive research and consulting