The Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was an automobile destined for the grand cru sportsman and chic Parisian society in equal measure. It was a grand gesture, and the final flowering in France of the great tradition of the truly custom motorcar. The chassis was built to carry coachwork that was the last expression anywhere in the world of grand style and luxury. The Grand Sport was outrageously exclusive and something for the very few. Not just because of its price, which was stratospheric, or its limited practicality, which was irrelevant: this was a car that was chic, ritzy, aristocratic and sharp as a knife all at once. Click here to purchase the book. Winner of the Society of Automotive Historians 2013 Nicholas-  Joseph Cugnot Award for Book of the Year. Reviews: Veloce Today Octane - Book of the Month Classic and Sports Car Zwischengas VSCC Follow our Talbot-Lago Grand Sport page on Facebook: AutoStar Auto Star - - - +45 40 31 20 30 Rysensteensgade 1, - DK-1564 Copenhagen V - Denmark Classic car sales, automotive research and consulting